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BIG NEWS – ILC Grant Application Successful


We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant of $50,000 from the Australian government’s Individual Linkages and Capacity Building Scheme. Our aim with this grant is two-fold. 


First we aim to build the organisational capacity of association to provide services and supports for the wider autistic and neurodivergent community. The primary activity undertaken will be to develop the infrastructure and capability of our members to provide a formal model of support to facilitate the ability of autistic and neurodivergent adolescents and adults to develop self-determination and exercise agency in their lives. To accomplish this, the association will work with consultants to develop a five-year business plan and to provide training to develop the technical structures needed to operate a model of online and direct support. 

In addition, funds will be used to upskill and employ autistic and neurodivergent individuals and parents in business, leadership and mentorship skills as well as employ these individuals to provide a model of service and support to others. Project funds will also enable the group to develop the technical elements of the website to provide online support to individuals who are more distant. Finally, the group will work with a consultant to undertake strategic long-term strategic planning that enables the association to develop a sustainable model of support and service delivery.


Our second aim is to establish an ongoing support and mentoring program for autistic and neurodivergent individuals and their families. This will fill a gap in service and support for neurodivergent adolescents and adults particularly in regional and rural communitiesThe project intends to build the capacity of autistic and neurodivergent individuals in two primary areas. In the first year, the aim will be to provide autistic and neurodivergent individuals and families with training and support to develop their knowledge, skills and infrastructure to support others in their community through provision of information, mentoring and guidance. During the initial months, 2 autistic members and one family member will be employed to develop an initial suite of ideas already developed by the group, into a comprehensive information package and mentoring strategies they can use to engage individuals in self-determination activities. Autistic and family members will be provided with training in online and direct mentoring and use of the self-determination package.


The primary activity in the second year will focus on building the capacity of autistic and neurodivergent adolescents and adults in NSW and QLD. During this year the team of mentors will launch and trial the online and direct information and mentoring program.


It is anticipated that this project will develop the capacity of both the autistic members of the My Life My Decision Association as well as of autistic and neurodivergent adolescents and adults in the wider community. The project will not only build the self-determination and agency of autistic individuals but will also provide a means of providing employment and support for isolated individuals.

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