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Dr. Jac den Houting - Everything you know about autism is wrong

In this Ted Talk, autistic researcher, Dr. Jac den Houting, discusses the Neurodiversity paradigm, the Social Model of Disability, and the Double Empathy Problem and uses own personal story to explain why we need to rethink the way that we understand autism.

Autism CRC - Autism Month 2017: Celebrate diversity, Promote Acceptance

In this video, produced by the Australian Autism CRC, autistic panelists, - Dr. Jac den Houting. Mr. Chris Varney, Ms. Geraldine Robertson, and Mr. Zach Zaborny - examine autistic strengths and highlight the ways in which the broader community can celebrate diversity and promote acceptance. 

Autism CRC - An introduction to the neurodiversity movement

In this webinar, hosted by the Australian Autism CRC, Dr. Jan de Houting discusses the neurodiversity movement and urges systemic change rather than individual intervention.

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